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Cocoon Childcare - Girl eating watermelon
One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing childcare is how your childs health and nutritional needs will be cared for. At Cocoon Childcare, we understand how important it is to establish good healthy eating practices at a very young age. We believe in providing highly nutritious, good quality meals, freshly cooked in our kitchens on a daily basis.

All our meals are designed to entice little taste buds and encourage openness to new flavours and textures. We know that you want your child to have the best possible nutrition during their day in Cocoon, therefore our menus have been designed and follow the food pyramid ensuring your child gets all their daily nutritional needs. Mealtimes are also an important time for social interaction and development and the opportunity to practice new skills such as drinking from a cup without spilling or table setting. Our carers will sit with the children during meal times to encourage good eating habits, table manners, social skills creating a positive approach to mealtimes in a cheerful and unhurried fashion.

At Cocoon Childcare, we promise to provide the very best nutrition for your child, educating them about food, so that they can make healthy choices, one less thing for you to think about. All our cooks are trained and operate in kitchens approved by the HSE and are fully compliant with the H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) food management system.

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