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Cocoon Childcare - Pre-School

Preparing the way (36+ Months)

Welcome to our Pre-school Room. At this time your child will be gently introduced to a more structured school environment in preparation for Big School. Children adapt and become used to sitting on a chair at a table and to concentrating for longer periods of time. We understand that all children develop at different stages and our pre-school class room structure allows our dedicated carers to access how each and every child in our care is managing the different tasks set.

At Cocoon we have an emergent and inquiry based curriculum in place know as ‘Spread your wings’. This curriculum plan allows the children to become more involved and engrossed in activities, as they are planned around their topics of interest. Through observation, each staff member gains an in depth understanding of each child’s strengths, personality, interests and individual needs and can plan activities accordingly for each child. Many of the activities are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, language, imagination, emotional and social awareness and are presented to all the children in a fun and play oriented manner. Our highly trained and experienced practitioners ensure that each child develops and early love of learning through our activities and resources. We feel privileged to have some pre-school teachers with NFQ Level 7 degrees in early education. All our rooms are fully equipped with the latest teaching resources for the appropriate age group. To compliment our extensive education programme, we have a reporting system that will provide you with a highly detailed Daily Report on how your childs day has been spent.

Saying goodbye to our “big boys and girls” is always so difficult, yet we take great pride in knowing that during their time in Cocoon we have played an integral part in their development.  We hope to meet again through our afterschool programme whereby we can learn all about their day.