How to Apply for a CHICK Code for the National Childcare Scheme Subsidy

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You will need to register for a MyGovID account at*

* A public service card will be required. If you do not have a public service card you can apply through the relevant Government portal online:

  1. Once you have uploaded your information to apply for NCS govt funding through the MyGovID website you should receive a CHICK code.
  2. Please forward a screenshot of your NCS govt funding award details to our dedicated email address:

    Emails sent to individuals may be missed due to planned or unplanned leave etc which may result in loss of funding as NCS govt funding cannot be backdated as per NCS govt rules and regulations.
  3. Once your NCS award is received & processed in our Head Office it will be uploaded onto the NCS website.
  4. Once processed you should then receive an email from NCS directly to your MyGovID account which will require your attention, you will be asked to confirm your registered care option details.
  5. An application with Cocoon is not complete until you, the parent, has confirmed the following details:
    • Confirmed registered care options details (through NCS website).
    • Completed Cocoon Booking & Registration forms.
    • Completed Direct Debit mandate form.
    • Deposit payment has been made.
  6. Please note, it is not possible to backdate NCS govt funding as per NCS govt rules & regulations.
  7. Please make a note of your CHICK code end date to avoid funding delays, NCS will email individual families regarding funding expiry dates &/or any amendments that have occurred within your award therefore we would advise you to check your email account and NCS parent portal regularly.
  8. Please forward all CHICK code renewal screenshots of your NCS award to our dedicated email:
  9. Funding is deducted from the 2nd month of attendance provided your NCS funding has been approved directly through the NCS providers portal. (Please note: Funding is not provided in the first month due to the volume of NCS funding updates being received and the variation in dates of notification of funding.)
    • Funding calculations are based on the total funding amount approved by NCS spread over the length of time approved per your CHICK code, starting from day 1 of your 2nd month of attendance and ending on the last day of your approved funding.
    • Example: September 2023 to September 2024 total funding amount approved by NCS = €2,000 Calculated from October to September 2024 i.e., divided over 11 months €2,000 / 11 = €181.81 monthly NCS deduction from your fees.
    • Note: If NCS funding ends mid-month the funding will be apportioned with this in mind.

Please note: If your Direct Debit has been processed before your NCS application has been approved, the Government funding will be recognised in the subsequent Direct Debits.

Adding a child to an existing claim

In order to add a sibling to your award you are required by NCS to update your existing application on your NCS parent portal by adding the second child rather than creating a new application on the NCS system.

Creating a new application will end your existing application for your 1st child.

We do hope the steps provided above help explain how to apply for your NCS funding and how we calculate funding against fees monthly, we do understand funding calculations and the timing of their application can be confusing.

If you require any further clarification in relation to the amount of funding you are being approved for or the duration of same, please contact the NCS parent helpline on 01‑906 8530