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Cocoon Childcare staff reading to children
Choosing the best kind of childcare for your child is of paramount importance and at Cocoon Childcare we want just that, we want the best for your child. For many, childcare plays a necessary role in helping to provide the support needed, enabling you to go about your busy day.

At Cocoon we understand how the transition from home to crèche can be an emotional and anxious time for parents, especially for first time parents and our understanding, caring and experienced team are here to provide you with the much needed support during this traditional period, making this often daunting experience a little bit easer. We would like to reassure you that while this period of transition may be difficult for you, your little one will quickly adapt to their new surrounding and learn to know and trust their carers. Piece of mind knowing your child is safe, cherished and nurtured whilst learning and exploring the wonderful world around them is a gift that every family looks for when choosing childcare. It is important that you choose the right care for your family, so take the time and visit as many providers as you can, to see first hand what they have on offer before making your final decision.

Choosing Cocoon will provide your child, through our nurturing and loving environment, invaluable skills that they will carry with them all of their lives such as building their confidence and self esteem, problem solving and language development. We feel privileged to be part of your child's early years and understand how precious this time is. Just as your child grows and develops so do we. We constantly revaluate and develop our service, giving you the comfort of knowing that there are policies and procedures in place to protect and keep your child safe while they are in our care. Cocoon Childcare is an Irish owned and managed company. We are a well established childcare service that has been run by a dedicated and highly qualified team since 2003. We currently operate 14 purpose built facilities throughout Leinster. We offer an open door policy for parents and would be delighted to show you around one of our beautiful centres.

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