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Cocoon Childcare - Toddlers

Time to Explore (24-36 Months)

Welcome to our Toddler Room. Once your child becomes steady on their feet they will graduate to our Toddler room. This transition normally happens between the ages of 24-36 months. We believe that each stage of a child's development requires a setting, where they are exposed to new and stimulating learning experiences, preparing them for the next stage in their development.

This is such an exciting time for children as their minds are absorbing every piece of information that they are exposed to. Their language, social and emotional sides of their personality are apparent as they form close attachments to their careers and friends.

Cocoon Childcare offers children more advanced learning and experiences preparing them for the next stage in their development. In our toddler room there is an emphasis on arts and crafts, jigsaws, books, word games and learning from our trained carers. mChildren have regular rest and play periods with free play being promoted. mChildren work at their own pace and are encouraged to be comfortable with themselves. mIn our toddler room children will learn how to apply learning and develop their concentration skills.

Our toddler room children’s personalities will develop along with their natural love of exploring and thinking. During this time your child's carers will work with you to toilet train your child when you decide the time is right. Each day will bring some new experience for your little one with the encouragement and care from or dedicated and loving carers. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child is being cared for in a loving, safe and stimulating environment. mBy the time your child is ready to leave the Toddler Room they will have a good level of communication and will now be able to retain vast amounts of information and to formulate ideas.