Our WatchMe™ LIVE! Internet Viewing Facility

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Cocoon Childcare staff reading to children
We know there may be times when you’ll wish you could peep in on your child in our care to see how they are getting on. It may be their birthday and you might like to see their little birthday party or they may have been unsettled when dropping them off and you want to see for yourself that they are well. Well, now you can!

Our ‘WatchMe™ LIVE!’ internet viewing is the first facility in Ireland to provide parents with the ability to see what their child is up to all day long. We have installed highly advanced technical equipment so you can access our facility, giving you peace of mind when you need it. It is highly protected with usernames and rotating passwords so that only Cocoon Childcare customers have access to it.

The quality of this service will depend on the speed of your internet connection, with non contended broadband giving the best user experience. ‘WatchMe™ LIVE!’ requires considerable broadband width. Some locations do not yet have sufficient internet infrastructure to allow us to provide this complimentary service. We will introduce ‘WatchMe™ LIVE!’ to centres as soon as infrastructure permits.

WatchMe™ LIVE!