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Happy National Hand Writing Day


child-national-hand-writing day


Learning to write should be fun for children.  It is important that children know that writing is a fun and rewarding everyday necessity.  By fitting it into everyday activities, like drawing, writing notes and birthday cards children will get used to holding a pencil and learning to write correctly.

Encourage your child to see writing happening every day
If you write things down every day like for example, to do lists, shopping lists or other notes, let your child know what you are doing and encourage them to take part.

Encourage your child to ‘write’ as part of their games
For example, when your child is playing at being a waiter or a waitress in a café, or playing post office or shop games, they can attempt or pretend to write down your order.  Look out for other examples in their games that your child plays.

Look out for opportunities for your child to use ‘real writing’
Here are some examples of ‘real writing’ that your child can help you do:

  • Make a list of things to remember
  • Make and write cards for special events such as birthdays.
  • Write a thank you letter
  • Write a Santa letter.
  • Join the dots


Whether your child likes to write or struggles with it, your support and encouragement can make a world of difference.  Remember the more positive the feedback you provide to your child, the more confident they will become and the more they will enjoy writing.


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